Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial

Hi friends-

Laureen back with you for a fun tutorial!  I decided to make a string art layout for this tutorial because they are super pretty, but also super easy to make!

I used the October "Waverly" Scrapbook Kit and focused on bits to match a fall layout.  For my first step, I simply drew a shape onto my white cardstock-I decided to use three leaves on a branch.  If you have a Silhouette you can just use any cut file you'd like and instead of using the blade just change the setting to Silhouette Sketch Pen.  I am currently on vacation and didn't have my Silhouette, so it's old school scrapping ;).

After you draw your shape of choice, you need to pierce holes about every half inch.

For my leaves I used pink and blush colored thread because those two colors matched the kit and my photo perfectly.

Do a simple backstitch through all the outlines using a light colored thread and tie a knot on the back.  We are ready to move on to the fun part-creating the string art.

For this part you take about two arms lengths of thread and start from on point on the back-don't pull the thread too tight, as this will curl up your paper.  I like to thread through each hole about once.

For a different look, I love to use bits and pieces on the thread-in this case, I used the little stars from the kit.

Repeat the last steps for the different leaves or just until your shape looks fine to you.

I then used the cut-apart sheet from the scrapbook kit and embellished around the right side of my photo. Here's a look at the final project:

Thank you so much following along!


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