Thursday, July 7, 2016

In the studio with Suse

Hey friends! Suse with you today for a little glimpse into my crafty world!

We live in a small rented house in Cheshire, England, and our main living area is open plan - which means each area of the room has to really work hard. My scrapbooking area is also our dining area... so everything needs to pack away in between projects (or it risks getting spattered with gravy - not a good look!)

This sturdy cube unit works really well to store all my goodies - the cubes are just the right size for materials storage and albums alike. Even our printer tucks away into one of them. 

I don't worry too much about keeping things very tidy - so long as my stamps are in their spot and the paints and papers in theirs... I'm happy.

I've made a bit of an inspiration wall behind my desk by popping up some pretty little bits and bobs that make me smile. As it's a rented house, we have to be careful not to damage the walls, but washi works a treat for taping up cute photos and postcards.

I store my embellishments and stickers in this cute metal kitchen caddy. I spotted it (and the dotty box - how cute?) in TKMaxx one day and knew it would be perfect as I love to see exactly what I've got and rifle through them easily.

My best crafting find was my typewriter which I found in a thrift store for £6! I was so lucky to find one that not only worked, but was my favourite colour too.

I really hope you've enjoyed this little tour of my crafty corner of our house! Do leave me any questions or thoughts at all and I'll be happy to answer them. Bye for now and happy scrapping!


  1. Bright, airy & lovely - just like your work :) Thanks for the peek!

  2. this is just gorgeous! i think it would be the PERFECT place to create: light, fresh, bright with pops of polka dots and the perfect colors!! and it's open, so you're near to your loved ones too!! no better environment!! :)

  3. you bright and shine and that's all... through your work I could find your style between several of many other and recognize yours!!! I hope to learn something and perhaps in the future be able to put all I have into my scrap project... until that I will follow you hoping something of your creativity come here .... to Italy!!! ahahahahha... thanks for sharing .. I could not wait to see another fantastic video tutorial... I love them so much... byeeeeeeeeeeee...