Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial

Happy Tuesday everyone!!  I love making mixed media art with my kits and I'm here to share a really easy one with you today.

Here is what you need: a canvas, a kit (or paper), and a circle cutter or punches.

First, I cut out circles with my Creative Memories circle cutters, Yes, I still use these and they come in handy when you need multiple sizes.

And in case you want to know, I used the smallest circle with the red and blue blade to get the 2 smaller circles and for the largest circle I used the medium circle and the blue blade.

Next, you adhere them to your canvas with Mod Podge or some other type of adhesive that will hold really well.

After you layer your circles you can now add stickers or other embellishments.

And to add some more fun I used the paint that came in this months kit and painted around some of the circles.

Here is my finished project ready to hang in my daughter's room!

Have a great day!
Xo, Angie

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