Monday, November 9, 2015

Let's get digital - stay Young!

Hey Guys!
It's Mira here with November edition of Let's get digital!
I prepared a cutting file for You to download from our Citrus Twist Kits Facebook Fan Page! And I used it as a title for my 6x8 layout :)
Here You Go:

Each year falling leaves remind me that I am older and older, even though I still feel like a kiddo! People also tell me that I look younger than I am (I think this is because I rarely wear any make-up :P) But one day it probably will change and for that time I want to remember to stay young, open, fresh, positive about my life and 200% ready for everyday adventures! What about You? Do You feel younger everyday? I am sure You do! Creativity is what makes us adult children, don't You think?

And here's my Layout:

It was made with November PL and add-on kits (I really love that pink paper!)
I hope You will make a good use of the file!
I am waiting for Your creations!

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