Thursday, November 19, 2015

I Capture - my top 5 tips

Hi everyone, Suse Fish here with you today with a few of my photography tips. 

Now I'll preface these tips by admitting that my hubby has an awesome camera that I borrow - that does help an awful lot! But here are a few other little pointers to getting some lovely pictures that you won't be able to wait to scrapbook...

1. Take loads
For every one good picture that photographers show, I have a feeling that there are about a hundred more that they don't keep. You can set your camera to take a load at once or just keep snapping away, but the knack to getting that really brilliant photo is taking lots and being really selective about which you decide to keep and print.

2. Vary your eye level
Getting down on the floor to get that cat's eye view really can make all the difference. Or try photographing things straight on or from directly above. You can get some really interesting results by changing-up your eye level. Try photographing the exact same thing from several different view points and see which you prefer once you've uploaded them.

3. Use the self-timer
Getting familiar with how your camera's self-timer works can give you some really fun results. And it's rather nice to actually be in your photos once in a while, isn't it? And sometimes even shots that were mistakes (pic 3: no head!) can give quite fun results that still capture the moment well.

4.  Take selfies into a mirror
Now I love this tip for a good selfie: try sitting in front of a mirror. It's the only way I ever take selfies and the results are always lovely. You do need to crop the pictures in close later on so that folks don't spot that raised arm holding the camera, but that's okay. This way you get to see what your face is doing while you take the pictures: in my case, all sort of strange things!

5. Capture the everyday
These are the photos I like the best: those ones where you just spotted something fun or pretty and grabbed the camera and snapped away. I love recording those everyday moments where the kitchen's a mess or we're about to eat, because these are the moments our lives are made of, aren't they?

Happy snapping gang, and do let me know how you get on!


  1. Great pose Suse love your tips! X

  2. So are you saying you don't use a phone for your photos Suse? Always a camera? Which Camera / phone if so ?