Monday, May 25, 2015

I Capture with Michelle

I don't know about you, but I LOVE taking photos on my phone. The quality is great, the camera is always on hand, and there is an amazing amount of great apps out there to help you edit them. Today I want to share with you my "go-to" app-the app I use on a daily basis.

Pic-Tap-Go, an app created by the makers of Rad Lab, is definitely on the top of my list of photo-editing apps. I have tried several out, but I always come back to this one for these reasons-it's easy and quick. With Pic-Tap-Go I apply my filter(s), use the slider to adjust the opacity of each, and I hit save. The app is incredibly user friendly.


When I said I use this on a daily basis, I meant it. I run almost all of my photos through it using the "Brightside" filter. This filter, as it's name suggests, brightens the photo, removing darkness and shadows, resulting in a more natural/real life looking photo. Here is an example:


On the left, is the original photo. On the right, I applied the "Brightside" filter. You can see that the darkness, especially around the face area, is brighter and more natural looking. Here is another before-and-after using just the "Brightside" filter:


The entire photo here is brightened, making for a more natural and cleaner photo, however I want to take it one filter further using the "Loft" filter at about a 60% opacity:


I find that this particular filter really enhances a fair complexion and I use it often when I feel like doing a little bit more than just brightening the photo. 

Another way that I use this app, is to upload a photo to Instagram without cropping it into a square. This comes in particularly handy when I want to share my scrapbook layouts.


I simply tap "Instagram-Full" and I am taken directly to Instagram. So simple and solves the problem of how to share a photo that is not a square ;). 

Wishing you a great week!


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