Tuesday, May 12, 2015

mini album tutorial with Lucia

Hello girls! Lucia here today to share a tutorial about how to create a cute little mini album - and recycle at the same time! My mini is about my trip to Prague last week :-)


Here's what we're going to need:

/ hot glue gun, crop-a-dile and brads, two metal rings, sewing machine and the Citrus Twist Kits - I'm using the mix of April and May main and sprinkles kit - and we are going to use the cardstock and paper bags as a base for our mini album /

For the first time in my life, I wanted to make a mini where each page had different size - and it was so hard, lol. (i'm a bit of a perfectionist...). The mini album's cover is about 6.5'x4.5' and I cut it out of the craft cardstock that comes with every main kit. I covered it in the patterned paper from both sides:
1 2

Here are the paper bags that I'm going to use. To make the pages look more pretty and solid, I cut out two pieces of cardstock for each paper bag and glued it on to the both sizes of the bag.

3 4

I used only a school glue to position the papers and I sewed the upper and bottom edge later on to secure the paper. I didn't sew on the right side in order to get a little pocket for flaps :-)

5 6

I punched holes and the base is ready.


Now for the fun part - the embellishing! Here's my finished album. I used some of the pockets to insert little cards with journaling and some additional materials such as lace, fabric or tissue paper.

IMG_6385 IMG_6245 1 IMG_6371 IMG_6361 2 IMG_6355 IMG_6352 IMG_6367 3 IMG_6341 4 IMG_6338 IMG_6331 IMG_6363 IMG_6260 IMG_6265

Have fun crafting!