Wednesday, January 28, 2015

In My Studio with Janine Langer

Hi everyone, I am so excited to show you my scrap space today! Lighting is horrible these days, but I did my best to get some shots that show my scrap room a bit.

My space is quite small and it is a home office/scrap space kind of thing. It is also quite messy, but it is a creative mess and I love that! I need to have the items I use in sight, otherwise I forget about them, and so there is a lot going on on my scrap table. :)

When you enter the room, the space on the right sight of the room is my office space. There is my computer, my printers and my Silhouette.

When you turn around, straight on the other side, there is my scrap space. I love that I can sit at my computer, printing my picture, turn around and am able to scrap straight away. 

Now you can see what I meant by saying 'messy'.

Everything got its space and it is clean (well - I could have emptied the trash bin beforehand), but it looks messy though. But I love it this way, everything I need is there. :)

I do have a lot of small boxes hanging on the wall which contents I change frome time to time. I have some thickers and alphabets in one of them, that I would love to use the next few weeks. Then I change them again, the rest of my thickers and alphabets are stored in boxes in a shelf that you can't see on the pictures.

The small box under the alphabet one is filled with printables, left overs and twine that I use quite often.

These are my favorites, my tool boxes! There is a lot going on and I use everything there on a daily basis. There are my Neocolors, Gelatos, pencils, knifes, brushes, scissors everything I need!

On the left side of my table, there are some boxes with Die Cuts, Labels, vellum shapes, frames ... just everything that I would like to use the next weeks as well as some recent papers, bigger scraps and a (closed) box full of smaller scraps. I love using scraps, so I do have the feeling that nothing I bought is going to be wasted.  I also do have a tiny box where my adhesives are stored so I can reach them easily. :)

Well - that's it for now, not the biggest space, but I love it. It is mine and I can create and spend me-time in there. Thanks so much for looking and have a wonderful day!



  1. Wow!!! What a lovely place and it´s NOT!!! messy. In my eyes its clean and perfect :) I envy you :)
    xoxo Anna

  2. Love seeing your scrap space! Not messy at all. :)