Saturday, January 17, 2015

3 to Inspire: Get Crafty with Citrus Twist Kits

Hello everyone. This is the debut of our new weekly "3 to Inspire" blog post. Do you need a little creative boost to keep your pages moving along? Are you getting behind in Pocket Life? Did you step away from your crafty space for too long? We hope you'll join us and participate in our new inspirational blog post, coming to you weekly on the Citrus Twist blog.
Are you ready for your challenge? Here we go!

Create a scrapbook page or Pocket Life page using the following 3 things:

  1. A piece of fabric on your page.
  2. An arrow/arrows to direct your eye to a title.
  3. A frame behind a photo with 3 layers of pattern paper.
Here is my use of fabric. I tore a strip (instead of cutting) to fray the edges, then layered a strip of pattern paper over the top and stitched it all down:

Use a wood chip arrow and position it near your title:

Last, use 3 pieces of pattern paper to frame your photo. One of my papers is a strip of gold-printed vellum that I cut a different size and shape from the other two pattern papers:

Here is my finished 6 x 8 layout, one of the mini scrapbook pages for my 2015 Pocket Life:

This mini page was created with the January "Fields of Gold" main kit. When you subscribe this month you'll get a free Main kit, shipped with the first kit in the Main subscription. (P.S. The price of our 6-month Main kit subscriptions just went down to $29.95 a month!)

Thanks for visiting and reading 3 to Inspire. Send us a request to join the Facebook Citrus Twist Kits Fan Page. We'd love to see what you do with this challenge posted there or in the Citrus Twist Kits gallery.


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