Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial with Sandy

With Valentine's day coming up, I thought it'll be fun to share a gift-wrapping project. My gift box is covered with some coral mesh (from my stash), a Printshop script paper and topped off with cute Basic Grey pom-poms threaded onto baker's twine that Trina wraps the Main Kit with. That takes care of the hot pink, but I need some hearts to complete the lovey, dovey look.


So I combine these Flea Market and Close Knit patterns, using a homemade washi tape technique, to create a customized design of superimposed hearts that sits in the centre of my wrap. If you are keen to make your own washi tape, all you need is some clear packing tape.


Homemade Washi Tape :
  • adhere packing tape over the desired pattern
  • turn over and thoroughly soak the B-side paper with water
  • rub off the B-side paper to reveal the desired pattern

This technique transfers ink from coloured parts of the design onto the packing tape while the white areas, which is just the base paper, is rubbed off and becomes transparent. So it is most effective if you select designs with some parts of the design in white or cream. Hope you have fun making your own washi tape and creating some fun gift wraps.