Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Tuesday Tutorial

Hello Angie here to share a fun, yet simple tutorial with you today.  I know a lot of us (including me) don't have "extra" time to add all those little extra details to layouts but if we did here is a simple technique that took an extra 15 min. *Layout is main kit only except the mini brown alphas are from my stash)*

January Main Only

First, I strung my needle with the thread that came in the January Main Kit. 

Next I took a pencil and made stitch marks on my layout.  And I hand sewed the layout.  Super simple and in my opinion is kinda relaxing.

Here are some different stitches you could do:

Zig Zag: Tutorial 1

Cross Stitch:

Tutorial 3

Straight Stitch:

Tutorial 2

Straight Stitch around the bubble:

Tutorial 4

I hope this little sewing tutorial inspired you to sew on your next layout. If you do I would love to see them in gallery!

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  1. Such a simple but easy idea that makes layouts look great!