Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial with our Guest Designer Malika

Hello, Citrus Twist fans!  It's Malika here today with a little tutorial on how I made the hand stitched grid on my layout, the Best of Friends.
Though I used the Main Kit only for this layout, I added some die cut card stock  circles that I made on my Silhouette.  There are a few tools that I keep handy when I am making straight hand stitched lines:  a ruler, foam pad, paper piercing tool, pencil and GOOD eraser.
Use the ruler to plan the spacing of the grid you want to make.  Very lightly, draw with pencil along side the ruler so that you have the grid in light pencil on your card stock.
With the foam pad underneath your card stock, follow the penciled grid with the paper piercer.  I like to use my ruler again here to help me keep the holes spaced approximately the same distance apart.  I don't worry too much if my holes are a little out of line.  That gives it the hand stitched look that I am aiming for. 
When all the holes have been pierced, go back with your very good eraser and get rid of the light pencil lines. 
Now you have the guide ready for your hand stitching grid.  Follow along the guide using a needle and embroidery floss (I usually use two strands of floss) doing a back stitch. 
mk_friends_tutorial5 Now that the grid is complete, it is time for the fun part…. embellishing! mk_friends_layout3 mk_friends_layout2 mk_friends_layout1


  1. love this Malika! grid layout is the best!

  2. Super cute!! I think I might have to give this a try!

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  4. very cute! I can't wait to lift this LO.

  5. Malika, this is a gorgeous layout!!

  6. Thank you! Can't wait to see how yours comes together!