Friday, October 25, 2013

Playing with Pocket Life with Sam

Hello there! This is Sam today to share one of my weekly spread using the October Pocket Life kit. I am loving the soft colors with hint of gold in Crate Paper - Flea Market paper pad. I love that the three weeks spreads that I made using October kits is very pastel and pink (my favorite color)!

Today I am going to share with you how I manage to catch up 7 weeks of PL spreads in 3 days time. And 3 of the weeks were made using October kit.

I came up with a strategy in catching up with my Project Life:

1. Work on the most current week and then work backward whenever I have time. I worked from week 40, then go backward till where I fall behind - week 34.
2. Not more than 12 photos in a week spread. This is vital as I tend to print too many photos, say 20-30 photos just for a weekly page. I ended up making 3~5 pages worth of pages just for one week. Instead, I picked only up to 12 photos that I think it tells the weekly story and print them week by week. 
3. Work using a kit. I used Citrus Twist kits for the 3 weeks spread (show below). And I am in love with this month exclusive stamp and the 3x4 cards! 
4. Follow the sketches by our inspiration girl Kasia provided in the kit. Sometimes it is hard for me to follow sketches when doing PL, but I love to pick up the way she arrange embellishments in her sketches. So I follow the way she embellished her sketches and that make decorating the cards so much easier!
5. Keep my cards as simple as possible, to get it documented is more important than making sure it looks pretty in my PL album.

Here's my week 40 using only October Pocket Life kit. There are a lot of pink, teal and arrows here.

PL Week  40 1

Loving this month Citrus Twist Kits exclusive cards. 

PL Week  40 2

PL Week  40 3

And here's my Week 38 & 39. All using Citrus Twist Kits October Kits. 

PL Week 39 1

PL Week 38 1

And here's the sketches for my Week 40 spreads. For those who fall behind in your PL spreads, I hope my strategy would inspire you to get started and play catch-up! 


Enjoy your Friday and have a lovely weekend ahead!