Thursday, August 8, 2013

Guessing Game #8 Be Inspired- Summer Camping

August is such a beautiful month, it's still warm and full of summer but you can already sense some autumn in the air. It's a perfect month for staying outside and enjoying outdoor activities like camping. I think camping itself can be pretty inspiring, just have a look at all these lovely colors of nature- sunshine, sand and water, green trees and night sky. I love the details from these pictures- sweet patterns, cute accessorize, sparkling lights, shells, candles, lanterns, bonfires, bunting blowing on the wind, blankets and pillows all over the place. I believe all of these can be a great starting point for any summer scrapbook page! 

In your summer Citrus Twist Kits you can find many travel related products which would work great with camping theme layouts and Pocket Life spreads! Maybe if going camping to the beach or forest isn't possible for you right now you can consider setting up a cute camp in your own backyard or even.. sitting room:) Have some fun with camping this month and collect many gorgeous memories to capture  in your crafty projects!