Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Scraplift Challenge with Emma, Trina & Anna

Hi scrappy friends! Emma on the blog today to share a little scraplift challenge between Trina, Anna and I.  There can often be some contention around scraplifting - is it good thing to do, is it bad?  I personally think it's a fabulous way to try something that you might not normally do.  It's also a great way to get a page done when you might be struggling with creative "mojo". 

I also believe that if you are sharing your pages publicly, then the nice thing to do is credit where your design came from.  And I'm pretty sure 99% of scrappy people out there will be super chuffed to see/hear you took inspiration from one of their pages, I know I would be ;)

So this week we thought it might be fun to share a couple layouts that are based on a scraplift - to see just how much looks the same or different!

Both Anna and I worked with a page created by Trina. Trina's layout is actually using the October kits, so this post doubles as a sneaky peak for you all too. Win win!  

Trina's layout

This is such a fun scrap lift challenge! I jumped ahead and worked with the October Scrapbooking and Pocket Life kits. Here is my layout.

Here is a sneak of some of the October kit elements:


After I sprayed Colorshine on my background and stamped and typed my journaling I began building up simple layers of pattern paper to put behind my photo. Next I added paper die-cuts and ephemera to the right of my photo.

Next I tucked ephemera underneath the base of the photo/layers and used pop dots to raise some of the die-cuts.

Here is a close-up of some of my layering and embellishing.

We can’t wait to see your scrap lift project!

Anna's layout

I'm so happy that Emma asked me for this challenge, I love scrap lifting!! It's like having a conversation, you give and take and it end up in something different but with someone else's opinions into it.

Trina's page was a blast to lift. I lifted the design but centered mine a little bit more and I lifted some details as the flowers under the photo and the use of labels . I think you are a able to see Trina's page in mine but that I've done it my own way, lol!!

Thanks so much Emma and Trina for the lovely inspiration!!

Emma's layout

First thing that popped into my head when I looked at Trina's layout (other than October kits are looking SO GOOD!!) is a grid.   I see 4-section grid with top left = photo, top right = heading, bottom left = embellishments and bottom right = journaling.    I have to admit - I love, love, LOVE grids.  I find they are a super fun and easy way to put a layout together.

I've flipped the order around a little but it's still a grid with 4 sections (atleast that's how I see it, haha).  Instead of a title on the top right I went with a little cluster of embellishments.  That fox die-cut from the Pocket Life kit is the cutest!

I popped my journaling on the bottom left and went with a cluster of stamps on the right!  (I'm so enjoying using stamps right now; can't believe I've ignored them for so long!).

And there you have it - 2 scraplift's from one page and they both look quite different!  So even though we've scraplifted Trina's page, both Anna and I ended up with pages that look different and that's one of the things to love about it - although you scraplift a specific page, you still tend to work your own spin on it and end up with something different anyway (just like a sketch really!).

Thank you so much to Trina for the inspiration (and the sneaky-peek of October kits, yayay!) and to Anna for playing along with me on this one.  Hope you all find some inspiration from their pages as well!

Take care, Em xo

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  1. Ooohh!! This was soooo much FUN!! 😍 Thanks again both Trina and Emma for the gorgeous inspiration!! Anna xo