Friday, September 29, 2017

Pocket Life Challenge with Mira Jurecka - let's make it green!

Hello on Friday!

It's Mira here and I have a very green post for You today! I hope You will enjoy this monochromatic Pocket Life Challenge!

I have two prompts and they are both associated with green color:

1. In Your pocket project use the pictures that are capturing something green, it can be grass, a garden. Or maybe some pictures about some the recent trip into the woods? The choice is Yours, but the most important is to choose the pictures with strong green accents.

2. When decorating Your pocket page use as many natural themes as possible. For example flowers, leaves, trees, clouds, etc.

Take a look at my two PL pages and see how I managed to follow the prompts:

I've choosen pictures from our visit to the park of mini trains and lighthouses, where there were plenty of grass, trees and mostly green scenery.

I created two journaling cards using green patterned paper with beautiful flowers. It was included in PL kit this month. 

In my project I also included this super-cool leaf die-cut to emphasice the outdoor character of our visit.

And here's the cork cloud which helped me tell the story about us, enjoying both: sunny and rainy days of our vacations. Those hearts falling from the cloud mean that we didn't mind the rain at all.

So this is it!
I hope You like the prompts that I brought You today and that You'll have a lot of fun when creating Your monochromatic pages.

Thank You for stopping by!

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  1. Mira this is fantastic!! So light and fresh!! 💚
    Anna xo