Friday, July 28, 2017

Pocket Life Challenge Friday with Mira

Welcome Citrus Twist Kits Fans! It's Pocket Life Challenge Friday and I have a prompt to get You creating! Are You ready?

Okay, so the most important thing today is: I challenge You to create TWO pages (one full spread of PL album) that are all about SINGLE MOMENT. A couple of minutes that could last forever - let's celebrate them! SMALL MOMENT that You documented with plenty pictures - do You have something in Your ind already? So let's do it!

I have two pages from our honey moon that we spent in Italy. One evening we went for a gorgeous walk with scenic views, sunset and picnic... Just magical! We were planning our future and I remember that moment very well and have tons of pictures from there.

Here You go - two pages made with July PL, Sprinkles and Embellishment Kits:

Have fun when You document small moments with the amount of pictures they deserve! Thanks for stopping by!

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