Thursday, January 5, 2017

I Blooming Love You

Good morning!  Do any of you still feel like it can't possibly be 2017?  I know I can't.  It's a new year and hopefully the start of an awesome year.  Not sure how many of you feel this way but I am certainly hoping it is better than last year.

For today I have just one page for you.  Work has been crazy (I work retail, at Michaels actually and there is so much to be stocked for every upcoming holiday) but I needed to make something pretty to start out the New Year.

Ironically enough, this photo was taken the first week of January in 2010.  My middlest little munchkin just a few months before she became a big sister.  I love this moment and remember it like yesterday.  I was telling her jokes to get her to sit still and lucked out on the biggest smile ever.

Thank you all for stopping by to see my first page of 2017.  Here's to so many more happy moments and just as many pretty scrapbook pages to help us remember them forever.


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