Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial: my process

Hi everyone! Suse with you today, sharing the process behind this layout I made with the delightful December Main and Embellishment Kits.

When I first get my kit, I make the somewhat odd-seeming move of cutting everything down into individual elements. This makes it easier for me to see how each shape and colour might work on my page.

I pop each piece that I think might work into the little dishes on my desk - a lot of them don't make the cut, but they're there to choose from and try in different spots around my photos.

From there, it's a case of making a pretty (but subtle) background before popping my photos in place. I place a strip of tape in the very centres of my pictures so that I can tuck extra layers around them as I fancy.

The next stage for me is to work around the page placing bits down then evaluating the visual effect. Does each element add something nice to the layout or does it look odd? Do the colours work well or do they make things look unbalanced? Knowing when to call it a day is always the tough part for me!

When I've got most of my page looking pleasing, I'll think about final touches: a stitch here or there; a little stamping, a few splatters or a couple of lines of journalling... these little extras combine to make the layout fascinating and rich to look at.

I really hope you enjoy watching my full process below. Do leave me any comments or questions and do enjoy getting stuck into your gorgeous December kits!


  1. loved seeing your process!!! love the layout!!!! so bright and light and fresh and fun!!! :) just like the photos!! :)

  2. What a lovely layout! Happy and fun, pretty and light and darling. Enjoyed the process and now off to see the video.

  3. Thanks so much, girls!