Friday, December 18, 2015

Pocket Life Sketch with Karen

Merry Christmas, are you looking forward to 2016? I know I am. We have a giveaway associated with the sketches at the end of this post so read further down for details.

As most of you might already know I used a 9x12 album for my pocket pages and a 6x8 album for my 'Studio Life' album. These sketches can be used for any size really, just adjust accordingly. 

Here is my layout based on the sketches: - 
And here are the sketches for you to try in your studio at home ;) 

Emb stands for embellishments! 

This sketch above is a 9x12 but you can change it up for any size really.

Thanks for visiting Pocket Life Friday, where every week we share PL sketches and a chance to win. For your chance to win, create a layout based on the sketches in this blog post, post your layout to our Gallery or our Facebook Fan Page by Friday, January 1st 2016. Be sure to include PL 12/25 in the title!

Karen xo

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