Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday Tutorial With Sandy

Hi Everyone! Do you start the new year with a list of scrapbooking resolutions? I like the idea of setting goals for myself but find it daunting to commit to a list at the beginning of the year. Instead what I do is set myself mini challenges every couple of months and give myself lots of time to tackle them. This month I'm inspired by Kaisa's moodboard to overcome my mental block with regards to cardstock.

In the Citrus Twist February Love Letters Main Kit are red, white and blue cardstocks which evoke the bright, happy mood of a fun fair for me. So I think : Create a colourful striped backdrop that resembles the fair tents. There are also embellishments in the kit like vellum hearts and a banner garland I can use to add to the feeling of a fete.

Creating the diagonally patterned background is simple. Cut 1cm strips of red and blue cardstock. Glue the first one down on the top left corner at a pleasing angle. Use one of the strips as a separator to determine the positioning of the next strip. Continue until you fill the page.

Once the stripe pattern is ready, I add two pieces of 4"x6" white cardstock on top to break up the busy background. That way the photo has some breathing room around it, the title and caption woldn't get lost among the stripes. A little more embellishing with washi tape and baker's twine and my layout is done. Hope you'll be similarly inspired to try something fun with the card you find in your Citrus Twist kits.

Feb Moodboard

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