Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tips for Catching Up on Pocket Life and My PL Week 36

For anyone who is doing Pocket Life this year, are you keeping up?  Right now, I am currently around 2 months behind.. the most I have been all year.  I don't know about you, but it's always around this time of the year that I manage to fall behind.  Today, I just wanted to share some tips and my process on playing catch up.

1.  Write everything down!  Whether you use a paper planner, filofax, or a phone app, spend some time during the week to write things down.  It doesn't need to be everyday.  I usually write in my planner every other day or so.  Having everything written down makes it easy to look back on everything when you're ready to plan your spreads.

2.  Plan your spreads!  I just create a rough sketch of my spreads on scratch paper, then start filling out each pocket while referencing my planner and the photos on my iPhone.  I only use photos from my iPhone for my PL (it's just what works for me), but if you use photos from another source, don't forget to have those with you while you're planning your spread.

Extra tip: using primarily photos from my iPhone makes it so that I can plan and edit photos while on the go like when I'm waiting at my doctors office or waiting for my car to get maintained.


3.  Once I have my spreads planned, I edit my photos (again, all through my iPhone usually while I'm waiting for something or while watching TV).  Once I have my photos edited, I print all my photos at one time.  I use a Canon Selphy, if you're wondering.  Then I go ahead and start filling my page protectors with the photos and memorabilia that I plan on using.


4.  Once I have all my photos and memorabilia in each page protector, I start working on each individual spread.  I work on whatever spread I feel inspired by since I am able to see what photos I am working with and where they are in each spread.  Sometimes that means I'll work on week 41 even though I haven't worked on weeks 36-40 yet, but that's okay.  Just having my photos printed and in my page protectors makes me feel less stressed out because then comes the fun part... playing with product to make a pretty spread! :)


Another extra tip:  In your spare time and if you have some spare materials on hand, create some PL cards, so they are ready for you to fill into your spreads above!  I had taken a class at my local scrapbooking store with Kelly Purkey and she gave us a bunch of product to work with, so I had a lot leftover after we finished with the mini album.  I had some down time when I got home from the class, so I went ahead and made some PL cards using the supplies.  Now, I'll be able to slip these in to some of my spreads shown above!


There you have it!  I know the tips I mentioned above doesn't work for everyone, but that's what works for me!  Hope you found it somewhat helpful! :)

And before I leave, I just wanted to share my Pocket Life Week 36 using the November PL and PL Embellishment Kits (plus some leftover alphas from the October kits).


Left side:



Right side:


Don't forget: even the bad days need to be documented!  I used this Jillibean card as a cover for some journaling about my bad day.


I had an insert this week on my friend's bday celebration.  For the "seriously" card, I plan on finishing up some journaling on the story of the cake in the bottom photo.  I created the card using another Jillibean card mounted on the packaging from the Amy Tangerine puffy stickers.



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