Wednesday, November 12, 2014

In the Studio with Pamela

Good morning everyone! I'm back from my vacation from Hong Kong and I picked up a lot of goodies and acrylic storage for my workspace. Now I still live with my family and this is just a little corner of the office in my house. It's the perfect time to show you my studio space since this will change as our house will be going through some crazy renovation for the remainder of the year, and I will be moving out next July.

This is my desk right now. On the left is a 2x4 Expedit on its side for more storage and on the right, I had some wooden storage to hold my ink pads and Silhouette Cameo. But this desk has most of the stuff I need.

Pamela - In the Studio

I picked up some inexpensive acrylic storage boxes from Muji during my trip to Hong Kong and right now, they hold my small embellishments, stamps and washi tape.

Pamela - In the Studio

I picked up some stickers perfect for pocket life in Hong Kong too! They are stored in this wider acrylic drawer on the right.

Pamela - In the Studio

As seen in my previous Kit Love post, I store all my current CTK pocket life kits in this Bento Box. When I am done with them, the embellishments, alphas and stickers are sorted to the corresponding acrylic storage. This way, I can keep my Bento fresh!

Pamela - In the Studio

Well, my studio is going to change again. Once after renovation and another when I move out. My studio is always changing and changing to accommodate new goodies!

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  1. Loving all your see-thru containers. Looks like a nice space to create in :)