Monday, September 2, 2013

Guessing Game #2 Simple Strategies with Kasia

Hello and welcome on Monday!

It's Kasia here today and I would like to share with you some simple strategies for simplifying your scrapbooking process. I've recently started working full time and my free time to play with paper and scissors got very limited. I was overwhelmed at the beginning but then I started to think how I could make things work for me and today I would like to share some of the ideas with you! I also have a layout made with mix of September ''Magical'' main kit, ''Big Deal'' embellie kit and few pieces from ''Favorite'' pocket life kit.
Life can be funny Kasia Tomaszewska for CTK

5 ways to simplify your scrapbooking process

Life can be funny Kasia Tomaszewska for CTK2

1. Work with a kit
For me it's the easiest way to speed up my scrapbooking process- when I need to make a layout or card and the time is not on my side I love the convienience of a good scrapbooking kit. I don't need to search through my stash to pick best papers and matching embellishments because this part is already done for me and I can just simply sit and create!

Life can be funny Kasia Tomaszewska for CTK5

2. Choose a color palette
Whether you decide to make a kit by yourself or use the one you order monthly it helps to choose some colors you will be working with. I've learned that neutral and light colors are best for quick and easy to put together layouts. When I know that I don't have much time I go for plain base and 2-3 different patterned papers which look great together and usually choose one stronger color for some accents on my page.

Life can be funny Kasia Tomaszewska for CTK1

3. Pick a photograph or story which makes you excited
When my time is limited and I need to create fast I like working with recent stories which are still fresh in my memories or with photos which I love and make me excited. I don't want to waste time on something which doesn't make my heart beat faster and I've learned that when story and photo matter to me the page gets done in no time!

Life can be funny Kasia Tomaszewska for CTK4

4. Play with different types of paper
If your time is limited playing with wet stuff might not be the best idea- after all paint, gesso, gelatos or mists need some time to dry and it's better to save them for the days when you have time to wait for it. Instead pick paper with different textures- textured cardstock, vellum, doilies, patterned paper, stickers- and build some fun layers with it to make interesting looking layout.

Life can be funny Kasia Tomaszewska for CTK3

5. Remember it's still you!
For me the limited time was overwhelming because I felt pressured to work fast and I was afraid I would loose my style on the way. Remember to stay true to yourself, even when the clock is speeding you up. Add some stamps if you love them, doodle if this is your scrappy signature,  prepare few bases for layouts in advance if you like splashes and mists on them, do some fussy cutting while watching TV to have ready elements on hand when you sit to create. Don't let the lack of time to make you give up what you like most!

I hope you will find these tips useful and inspiring and I would love to hear your little secrets on making your scrapbooking easier in busy times! Have a happy and creative week!:)


  1. Is there an exclusive CT flair on this layout? I see more of the Basic Grey enamel dots :)

  2. I'm loving the striped brackets beside and on the photo. Are those bits of something else that are being re-used or specifically brackets? Loving them either way.

  3. @ruth- the brackets it's definitely a reused piece of something- a little frame which usually surrounds sticker on the sheet, I love cutting them out and using on my pages! :)

  4. Great tips here Kasia! Beautiful white space layout! :)

  5. Thanks for your tips! It's never easy to scrapbook in busy times! But all I do is just decide on something and don't doubt myself haha!

  6. Love this Kasia! You rocks! And thanks for sharing your tips!

  7. Thank you for the tips, Kasia. I love your sketches and try to do them each week. Your layout is beautiful