Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tuesday Tutorial 8/9

Good Morning all!  I am so happy to be here today.

For this Tuesday Tutorial I am going to show you one of my favorite ways to jazz up a pretty background paper with some acrylic paint.

Sometimes I love a paper but it just seems a bit too busy for me.  I usually scrap on white so using a full color/pattern background can be a challenge.  I like a challenge...but I also like paint so I figured why not mix them together.

First, I find a really pretty paper that I don't want to cut up, the paint I want to use and some gesso.
(I ended up not using the Nuvo drops.  Sometimes that happens)

The gesso goes on first.  It keeps the paint from bleeding through and I really like the white.  It breaks up the color.  You could definitely opt for a clear gesso if you wanted.  Let the gesso dry completely before adding the paint.

I applied the gesso and the paint using an old gift card.  This made for a much smoother application.  The paint was a little thick so the paintbrush allowed me to drop a little water on the paper to loosen it up.  All you need to do to spread the paint out is dab some of the paint onto the gift card edge and smooth it across the paper.  I pulled the paint towards the middle of the canvas.  I liked the edges being a bit ragged instead of straight.  I seems to give motion to the paint, drawing the eye in.  Let this layer dry as well.

Next, a little bit of color shine.  Just unscrew the top and drop it on.  I had to dip the "straw" in a few times to get enough.  This will take some time to dry.  I found that out the hard way.  I ended up laying the elements I was testing out on the black drops and nearly ruined a couple of things.

Now you can add on your photo(s) and elements.  See how the paint helps to give a bit of a mat for all the other pretty things?  Now they won't get lost on those beautiful confetti dots.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have fun using paint on your pages.


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