Wednesday, April 6, 2016

In My Studio: Wendy Morris-Saponaro

Hello all!  Happy Wednesday and welcome to a peek into my art studio where I rightfully term it my 'happy place'.  It's my peace, my solace, and my calm.

Dear hubby, Vincenzo, and I recently moved mid-January to a rental home until we decide where and what type of home we want to 'permanently settle' in.  I was done with apartment living since college and now at 40, enough.  Also, now being married with an additional soul in the home, we were in dire need for more space from a two bedroom and looking to move to the quiet country yet still minutes from the beach along the Gulf Coast.  So, we found a sweet rental home with three bedrooms , a HUGE kitchen for dear hubby as a chef, and just perfectly suited our needs, with the inclusion of my art space (priorities!!!) much needed and required. Ha!

I will say moving gives you the urge to purge the unwanted, unneeded and unused.  This I did with SEVERAL trips to the local donation center for my gently used (and some new) art supplies, home items, and clothing.  So, I saved myself steps when moving to unpack things I knew no longer served a purpose for me.  This was VERY refreshing!

So, without further rambling, here's a peek into my creative habitat.

I have two desks in my new space.  This writer's desk (source: Big Lots) + this chair (source: Target) is my new love.  Also, I have my Midori Traveler's Notebook (source: Baum-kuchen) at hand's reach for those instant moments of inspiration to jot down my ideas and layout sketches.  The Archival Dye Ink by Ranger is my go-to-all-time-fave black ink for all things stamping.  It always has a place on my desk for my planner stamping and project stamping.

My art studio also doubles as my at-home office/work space when I'm working full-time as an Audit Manager.  So I wanted a desk where I can work on tasks aside from my art desk.  I love this nice addition to my space.

Don't hate on oh so fancy video hookup.  I use my iPhone 6S Plus to film.  I love the factor the 6S Plus as 4K video capability which is rather supreme in quality.  I sync all to my Macbook Pro Retina 15" in using iMovie for editing.  I'm a Mac/Apple girl, if you couldn't already see in the pics.  Duh! Ha!  I'm in the process of remodeling my blog from Wordpress to's getting VERY close to being finished.  

For my upcoming video ideas, I'm planning to use a standard tripod already in my stash (source: Target) and this adjustable iPhone holder (source: Amazon).  

I have this MAJOR and insane addiction to stamps - clear acrylic, red mounted rubber - all of them.  Can you believe I purged a major load of stamps in my move? *major gasp*  These stamps are the keepers and I use this tall wire basket stand (where the baskets are detachable) and can be carried to my art desk, when needed.  

One new feature added to my art studio is this nine cube unit (source: Target).  Dear hubby and I put it together.  I purchased five storage cubes that slide into the cube unit (source: Target) separately for storage.  I still don't have them all full but they are helping out A LOT with hidden storage and clutter off my desk areas.   On top of the cube, I have a digital photo frame, in jars sand from the local Gulf beach and seashells, a teddy bear my mom gave me when little, Zutter Bind-It-All, and a vintage crate for extra storage of 3x4 and 4x6 cards.

My walls are still a work-in-progress.  I have some prints, papers, and greeting cards (yep, love those Paper Source cards) framed.  Dear hubby is going to hang for me soon for a gallery wall display.

These wicker baskets on a shelf hold all mostly Prima Marketing product - florals, MORE stamps, watercolor pencils in tins, and stencils. 

I confess. I have this thing for vintage typewriters.  The blue one is more modern and types better so I use it mostly for my journaling. 

Scout out your local antique stores for hidden treasures with a good price. 

I like to display on a bookshelf some of my current projects recently completed.  These are a few layouts complete for Citrus Twist Kits that I have on display.  Then, I put them away (currently in a stack) for going into my 9x12 album.

Most of my embellishments find their way here in these wire baskets (source: Tuesday Morning).  This is just a random mixup of several different embellishments from Thickers, stickers, rubons, wood veneers.  

Can you believe I purged a bunch of these before moving? *gasp*

Can you believe my mom built me this bookcase a few years back? She is quite the handywoman.  It is very durable and has lasted in the several moves and the perfect storage.  I'm still debating if to paint it white....but for now in the moment, it is as is.  

Dear hubby put up my shelving with just simple white shelving boards and brackets (source: Lowe's).  Very inexpensive and "keeps everything off the floor" (as his words would say).  In my prior space, he felt like he was walking in a maze in my art room but hey, I knew where everything was and I'm sticking to that. Ha!

I'm still pinching myself that I designed for Prima Marketing last year and actually passed on another year for designing BUT I still have quite the motherload of product from my design term.  The Prima peeps spoil their designers beyond rotten and this is proof. 

My rainbow (aka Skittles) of Prima Marketing Color Bloom spray mists in all the colors available.  I simply used this thin curtain road (source: Wal-Mart) to display my sprays.  I used this idea in my last art room and upgraded to a longer rod for my new space.  The rod is adjustable to expand if/when I add more colors.  This array just makes me happy or maybe it's just that rainbow flow.  I love, love, love these sprays from everything to simple misting to major mixed media projects.  Good stuff.

I found this perfectly sized wooden tray (source: local TJ Maxx) to hold my Ali Edwards Story Kits.  I have this quirk for keeping my kit product together until I actually use it.   

TJ Maxx has amazing storage options!  I'm a frequent shopper there (clearing my throat) and always on the lookout for new ways to organize my items.  

I found these wooden storage cubes in the children's room storage area (source: Target).  I'm still thinking on the purpose for them.  I'm currently debating my roller stamps to go here and some random items that I need at arm's reach.

A recent purchase is my Teresa Collins Studio Gold paper trimmer (source:  JoAnn Crafts).  Lovin' it so far!  I like to plan my week on a page and picked up this notepad (source: TJ Maxx) for doing so. 

My gallery wall is a work-in-progress but these are a few prints to go up in my inspiration corner.  I sourced the frames (on sale) from Michael's.  I'm thinking on the idea that I can change out the inspiration when I need a refresh of inspiration.  I have this thing for quotes that resonate with me. 

On one shelf of my bookcase, I have more mixed media product.  These are my go-to items from antiquing finishes, spray paint, embossing powders, Distress Paint, etc. 

These are my albums yet to be filled.  These are random 4x4, 6x8 albums (mostly purchased on sale) and mini albums begging to embellished.  

My L-shaped art desk was used in my past art room.  It has lasted through several moves as well.  I couldn't part with it as it works so perfectly for my needs.  So, dear hubby and I re-purposed it with a few rolls of this marble contact paper from Lowe's.  (Insert:  MUCH patience + 2 sets of hands needed when adhering contact paper to a desk, you have been warned).  It gave more life to the desk and I love the beauty of a new look.

I recently picked up these little cubby boxes (source: Michael's) in the clearance section.  They hold the Citrus Twist Kits stamps (without the plastic packaging) perfectly!! Also, I have an idea to use for embellishments or sorting current project embellishments in progress.  They will be perfect for holding my Citrus Twist Kits embellishments as I work on my current kit projects.

My closet space in the art studio holds my miscellaneous items.  You know the extra this and that's of what I don't always need at the moment - extra page protectors, etc.  

Also, for my design team work, I keep separate clear trays for each company/team.  I have to stay organized to keep it all together!

Yes, I have an old school TV but it has LOTS of sentimental love all over it.  My dad (who passed in '05) from cancer, gave it to me when I was 17.  It is still ticking strong and I cannot part with it simply for something more modern. My Direct TV is even hooked up to it! WIN!

I use these these 6x8 stamp storage binders (source: Hobby Lobby) for the storage of my monthly Citrus Twist Kits stamps.  They work perfectly!  I also use a label maker to label out the months applicable for each set and/or name of the stamp set.

All those little black books...well, those are all filled with clear stamps ranging from Ali Edwards monthly Story stamps, Studio Calico, and all the other must have stamps that I use often.  

I keep my Silhouette Cameo (still the very first version and in need of an upgrade because the software is going wonky) under my art desk on a rolling cart.  On the second shelf of the rolling cart, I keep my Janome sewing machine.  I have this model

It's all still a work-in-progress but I'm lovin' it so far and will help me to get back into my groove after the move!

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my art space!



  1. OMg.. so in love! Love it all..and oh boy.. u hv so much good stuff!

    1. Thanks Bonita! Yes, after scrapbooking for 17+ years...I've accumulated, purged, and restocked quite a "few" goodies. :) I joke that the donations were like pots of gold for those who received those free boxes.