Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Turorial with Marie-Pierre

Hey guys!

Today I have a very short and sweet tutorial for you.
It's more of an idea to get more use of your papers and PL cards.

If there's a card you love so much and you would like to use the as background but you wouldn't want to loose the precious saying on it, cut it out and use the card twice!

Just like I did here:

I carefully cut out the middle of the card with a craft knife.

I used a yellow label from the printout sheet to cover the hole.
Tip: you can color the wood veneer letters with ink or topic markers!

And I used the cut out part of the card on anther card.

Here's how it look on the whole page:

The nice thing about that technique is the repetition of the color that it gives you on the page.

Wishing you a wonderful day!!