Friday, March 20, 2015

Pocket Life Sketch Day with Trina (Including "Flashback" Pages)

It is Friday Pocket Life sketch day here at Citrus Twist Kits and I'm here to share both PL sketches and progress on my 2015 Pocket Life plus a peek at some of the flashbacks that I do every month in my PL. If you ever have a week where you don't have photos or you have older photos you need to catch up with, create a "flashback page." I always make and include at least 1 flashback page a month using favorite old photos. I don't worry about what year they are from.

These pages were made with the now sold-out March Pocket Life kit. (If you like our kits, you can begin your subscription with the April kit.)

For my 2015 Pocket Life I'm working with the Studio Calico Brighton Pier Handbook albums, available here in the Citrus Twist Kits Shop.

Here are your sketches for the week. Two of the sketches were used to make my 6 x 8 pages, instead of 4 x 6 cards.

Here is a current photo and a a tribute to our senior family dog, Jessica. Jessy joined our family in 2002. This is an 8 x 6 page.

These are 2 flashback pages--keeping the dog theme going!--of me and my siblings as kids playing with our dog's puppies. I've always loved these two photos and they've been sitting in my childhood photo stash:

This flashback page was created around a great picture of me and my brother, getting along. While we didn't always get along, we were inseparable as kids. (The chipboard deer is from Maggie Holmes Open Book Chipboard from the CTK shop.) I've been thinking alot about my brother lately and that's what made me reach for our childhood photos.

This is another 6 x 8 mini scrapbook page (that's me in the background):

Here are my close-up shots.

Typing, sticker words and tiny alphabets were perfect for the journaling on this page.  I also cut out one of the Craft Market paper letters from one of the pieces of 6 x 6 paper that came in March's kit:

I love using layers and the 6 x 6 paper that comes in the Pocket Life kits makes this easy. Gently fold up the corners afterwards for dimension:

I always go with any mistakes I make on my pages. I mistyped my brother's name (I know, silly me), so typed it on a new piece of paper, cut it out and glued it down over the misspelling:

The word "FAMILY" was hand sketched and cut from one of the 6 x 6 Craft Market papers that came in my March PL kit:

I used the March PL kit stamp set, plus some of the older kit and add-on stamps, to stamp random thoughts about my brother:

I have a challenge for you this month: Pick an older photo of you as a kid and do a flashback in your Pocket Life! We'd love to see you as a child shared on the Citrus Twist Kits Fan Page over on Facebook.



  1. Love everything! Scrapping old pictures of a little me and my family is on my to do list and after looking at your great pages I want to make it a priority. Fun stuff!!