Friday, October 12, 2018

TN Challenge - Put it in a Pocket

Hey Crafty Babes! Andrea back again with a super fun TN Challenge for ya! Currently my go-to format is an open ring traveler's notebook and the beauty of this is that I can insert lots of different items within the rings. In a traditional TN, the pages are stapled and there's no opportunity for moving things around. But I love variety or I get super bored!

On that note, we are going to use pockets in our TN today! I love mixing styles and formats together and adding a 3x8 pocket page to my notebook gives me so much more to work with. We all have thousands of pocket cards, I'm sure of it, so let's use them!

I take a 6x8 pocket page (the design with 4 3x4 pockets) and trim off the column farthest from the holes. For me, this is more economical than buying the 3x8 pocket pages because I already own the 6x8s and I have plenty because I still use them in my other pocket projects! Now you're left with a 3x8 pocket page and you can fill them with all kinds of delicious pocket cards and embellishments from the kits! 

Here I used a piece of the 6x8 paper and trimmed it down to 3x4 for the background. Then I made a cool little label using the stamps and added a tag! And using pockets meant I didn't have to trim down my photos or find a new creative way to layout all the items I wanted to use for this story! 

So what if you're not using a ringed TN and you can't just add in a pocket page. Let's talk about it real quick! One options is: you can trim off the edge of the pocket page where the holes are and use washi tape on both sides of that edge to secure it into the gutter of your notebook. Your pocket may be slightly taller than the notebook so you can trim off the top but also keep in mind that you'll also have to trim the card or photo that goes in that top pocket.
Another option is to place your cards an embellishments in your notebook as if there were pockets. So decorate or journal on the cards and then adhere them to the notebook so they appear to be pocket style! See, everyone can play along!

I sure hope you'll join me for this challenge! Thanks for hanging with me and I hope to see something beautiful you've created with the October kits this month!

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