Thursday, October 10, 2019

Pocket Pages with the At My Table kit

I'm excited to share a beautiful layout with the Life Crafted At My Table kit today.  The colors and cards in this kit were perfect for some recent family photos that we had taken.  

My favourite card is the one on the right, with the three bubbles, it is so useful to have a card like this to tell multiple stories on one page.

There are lots of great little embellishments in the kit, and I tried to use a variety of piece to keep the spread ineresting.  There are a few of the phrases from the chipboard, and the arrows from the ephemera pack.  I couldn't resist the the wood veneer piece from the add on kit, I used embroidery floss in  colors that matched our outfits to stitch the little heart design. 

Here is a look at the whole spread, which ended up being a 6x12 page on the left and an 9x12 page on the right.  The whole spread was very easy to pull together because of the amazing colors in the kit!
I hope you enjoyed a closer look at this layout!

1 comment:

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