Friday, May 13, 2022

Life Crafted Inspiration with Ingunn


My favorite project for 6x8 albums? Ongoing collections of photos and stories about each of my daughters. I'm not pressuring myself to capture every little thing they do in their lives or to keep it chronological, I simply add to it whenever inspiration hits.

In this instance, inspiration hit in the form of that adorable chipboard sticker with the cozy reading nook chair from the Crave mini kit. It immediately made me think of how my oldest daughter loves to curl up in one particular chair in our living room after school, to read and cuddle our dog. 

I've made several pages about her love of reading, but the "need more days like this" sentiment made me angle this differently - the days she has downtime like this to recharge after school are definitely the best days. I think this is because she's an introvert, like me! 

I didn't realize I was an introvert until I was around 30, and before that, I thought I was just weird for getting so exhausted after being social. I want my kid to know that it's definitely not weird, and to have a toolbox of things that will make her life easier and more pleasant - like the fact that her instinct to disappear into a book after being around loud kids for hours is the perfect way to recharge! I added the "go with your gut" chipboard too, and then three little puffy starbursts from the Travelogue kit for good measure. I also put some patterned paper from the Flea Market Findings collection to keep my page from looking too naked.

I hope you've all had a great week and that you'll have the chance to recharge in the way that soothes your soul! 

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