Saturday, February 5, 2022

3-TO-INSPIRE with Traci

Hey Hey Hey! Traci today heading up the 3-To-Inspire challenge with a layout I created using the new Handcrafted Mini Kit, Handcrafted Digital Journal Cards, Handcrafted Digital Traveler's Notebook Papers + a couple of the Life Crafted Basics + Ledgers 6x8 Papers!

This week's 3-To-Inspire prompts are:

  1. Before & After
  2. Stitching
  3. A title that spans the whole spread
This is the super-fun layout I created:

When I saw the theme of the February collection, I knew I wanted to do a layout about my craft room/office, something I've been working on a lot lately!  I thought it would be fun to scrap a before and after of what it looks like clean vs. what it looks like when I've spent the day crafting.

My concept was to mirror the cleanliness of the clean image and the messiness of the crafter math image with the composition of the layout itself, so I decided to keep the left side "clean" and the right side I wanted to look like an explosion of (controlled) chaos.

Because having two different styles of scrapbooking on one page can make it hard for the spread to look cohesive, I pulled the whole thing together with a large title that spanned both pages, using the smaller BLACK Foam Alphabet stickers on the left in a neat arc, and the larger puffy stickers on the right in a much messier arc.

Finally, I used the hot pink word strips in the Handcrafted collection on both sides to have that visual pop of color that would draw both sides together as well!

You can hear more of my thought process behind this page and other techniques I used to make sure the spread looked cohesive in my process video on YouTube!

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