Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial

Hi!  Michelle here sharing a lo I created using only August's main kit and my sewing machine.  For me, sewing is my go-to technique.  Machine or hand stitching can transform any project and my layouts do not often feel complete without it.  Sewing can instantly give any project a comfy,homespun feel or a shabby, vintage look.  Stitching also acts as an anchor, visually "holding" your paper or embellies down. 
Most of the time sewing is my last task, but occasionally my stitching needs to come somewhere in the middle of the creating process and this usually takes a little bit of thought before hand.  
As I planned out this lo, I knew I wanted to create a grid design using the 3 Instagrams and a square for my title. 

After laying down my photos and papers, I had to decide what I was going to do for the title and how I wanted to draw attention to it.  I finally decided upon using the October Afternoon "See the World" sticker because of its size as well as its color. I felt that the green, a color that is nowhere else on the lo, would draw the eye quickly.  To further emphasize the title, as well as re-enforce the theme of travel/movement, I decided I wanted to sew a circle around it.
Prior to sewing anything beyond a line on my paper, I always draw out the shape I want in pencil.  Now for me, this does not insure that I am going to precisely follow the line, but it does keep me in the ballpark (it helps, that I do not expect perfection!)  For a circle I always use some item near me.  It can be a bowl, a cup, or in this case a spool of glitter tape.
Tutorial 2

Now I very, rarely sew just one circle.  I usually go for 2 or 3 because it will usually mask any imperfections in the circle. I also do not "lock" or backstitch on my paper projects. Instead, prior to cutting threads, I tape my ends down on the back of the cardstock to keep it from unraveling. I almost always use a washi that sticks well. I have used a little spot of glue before, but that means you have to wait a while to dry before you can continue. Double sided tape is also another option. 
Tutorial 3

Now with my title space created, I adhered my sticker with pop dots and added the wood veneer chevrons to the circle. 
See the World 2

And a look at the final project....
Road Trip

Thanks so much for stopping by today and please feel free to ask any sewing questions--I would be super happy to answer them!


  1. This is super cute Michelle! I love stitching on my pages too!

  2. just love this page..and the stitching detail is lovely! ;)

  3. Awesome layout, Michelle! :) And thanks for the tips on stitching. I don't have a sewing machine (yet), but will be filing this info away for future use! :)