Thursday, August 15, 2013

Be inspired with Amélie

Hi! Here is Amélie and today a new "Be Inspired" layout! This "Be Inspired" theme is today a little bit "special". Indeed, this month, I took my inspiration into our CTK gallery! The choice was very difficult, but I retained 4 layouts.
Here is my inspiration board:


On row 1: Layout "You" by Alepoli - Layout "Shell Hunting" by Barbp.
Row2: Layout "Poppy" by Michelle Wedertz - Layout "Today' by Carolec.

And now my layout:


More details: CTKBI2

I was very inspired by these layouts. For the first layout, I retained the diagonal arrangement of the embellishments.
On the second layout, the background stripes and the tickets bellow the picture.
For the third layout, the layering under the photo, the stripes background too and buttons.
And for the last one, also the layering and buttons, the background mist and the chevrons.
Thanks for giving me this inspiration.

This layout answers to the "daily travel" challenge of the month. For this challenge, I choose some pictures of my son playing back and forth way as if at work.

Have a good day. Amélie