Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tuesday Tutorial with Mira Jurecka

Hello Everyone!

It's Mira here with Tuesday Tutorial and today I'll be fully concentrated on Pocket Scrappbooking, which for me is the best kind of memory keeping project EVER! What about You?

I'd like to share with You a few general tips together with a bunch of my favorite tricks that I use very often in pocket albums. I have a couple of pages prepared to illustrate those tips and all of them were created with February Pocket Life and Embellishment Kits from Citrus Twist Kits.
So yeah - let's do it!

1. Pictures

I've documented last four years of my family life in pocket albums, and creating process has changed many times before I decided what's the most important for me and HOW I want to preserve our memories. When I was pregnant I found out what's the reason why I am doing it, why I keep devoting so many energy and time to create more and more pages. It wasn't only because I enjoyed creating them. It was because I knew for who I am doing it - for my daughter. And this is why my albums are mostly focused on this little lady growing up. I knew I want our albums to be a beginning of many many future conversations - a super cool way to bond. This is why my pages are always overloaded with pictures and I have plenty of pages dedicated to journaling all the little stories from Her childhood.

Sooooo... my first general tip for You is to find Your reason why - why are You doing Your albums? It will definitely keep You motivated and will establish the way of how You create.

2. Color consistency

When a few weeks ago on Instagram I asked You Folks what You would like me to write about in today's post, there was this one topic that a friend of mine raised - a color consistency. So here's  my second general tip theme for You today.
Color consistency between pictures and all the details that You add to Your pages: cards, embellishments, etc.
Color consistency is this funny thing that I find very appealing when it comes to looking at the album pages and enjoying it's aesthetics. It begins with the environment You live in, the pictures that You take and goes through Your picture - editing process, to the choice of pictures, cards and embellishments.
For example I like keeping my album bright and detailed, so I take plenty of pictures of everyday details. I always edit them in a similar way - my pictures are rather pale and I often add white frames around the pictures before I print them, which gives me a lot of space for embellishing. Also I choose the cards that suit the colors from my pictures - they have to go together really well.

Obviously not all of us will be interested in color consistency. Some of us like experimenting, some has to try new techniques, some of us just don't care about the colors or just don't feel it. And it's all fine! It's all great! At the end of the day we just need to enjoy the process. Pocket scrapbooking is not about freaking out and comparing albums with others, it's about having fun and preserving memories!

3. Freedom

As I said previously: creating albums is all about having fun, so don't create too many rules for ourselves! This is our album, our project, our creativity and there is no such thing that would work for everyone the same way. Just find Your way, and feel free to change it any time You want.

4. Tricks

Ok, now it's time for details and some random tips that I'd like to share with You! Are You ready?

What my daughter really like is touching every little and colorful detail that embellish our pictures in the album. She always finds them all with her little fingers, so I started adding embellishments on top of a page protectors, to make this experience of her even more interesting. Does it sound fun to You?

I love creating custom PL cards with the use of white cardstock and embellishments from CTK kits. They are complementing my pictures in a very fun and simple way. Would You try this idea?

Customizing already existing PL cards with embellishments isn't anything new for our scrap community, but I always love adding that little touch of personality to the cards. Have You thought about it as Your personal signature? Is there a specific way that You like to do it?

Have You tried stamping directly on Your pictures? I know there are people who are afraid of ruining the picture, but You know what? I always do it and believe me I am a queen of bad stamping!

Splashes! Another perfect way to customize a card!

Have You tried writing down what people around You said and adding those words to Your albums? Obviously, I don't mean every.single.word. I mean funny things. From time to time. Quotations are rare in my albums, but I love them badly! Especially when our daughter says something funny!

Look at this strange water-related object wrapped with some blue plastic foil with a red "nose" (whatever it was), located in someone's garden and covered with snow. She looked at it and said: "Mommy watch! There's a snowman!"
Isn't that cute? It'd definitely worth remembering.

Another fun thing is to use a product packaging in Your pages. In February Embellishment kit there was this awesome set of tiny word stickers with a super cool packaging - tiny words as a pattern (It could also be from puffy-stickers, I am not sure :D). I used it as a PL card.
What do You think about that?

Bunny (or other animal) picture. Okay: this is must have! I found similar pictures in a few albums from the Internet, and it's great! I don't even know how to take this picture (there are probably some apps on Your smartphones that allow You to take them!), but the other day our Nanny just took them and sent to me. And I couldn't miss placing them in album. Awesome!

And my last trick is from similar category: screenshots from Your smartphone telling what was the weather like, or Instagram pictures telling some story. These are two fun ways to change things up a bit in our albums. Aren't they fun?

Okay, that's it for now! I could continue writing this post for ages, but I don't want You to get bored, so I'll leave it for another time :) I hope You feel inspired to create, or simply to share some of Your fav tricks with other Pocket Scrapbooking Fans! Feel free to do it!
Thank You for stopping by!