Saturday, October 4, 2014

Kit Love with Pamela

Hello and welcome to this month's kit love!  Let me show you my process in getting the goodies out of my box and into each pocket of the protectors!

First: Unbox. I usually take out all of the goodies from the bags and put it into my CTK box. I put all my kits into this rubbermaid bento box, the larger items in the middle and the stamps and wood veneers into those little compartments on the side.

Kit Love 1

Second: Gather. I prepare all my photos, grab all my pocket life tools and I start laying down where things go.

Kit Love 2

Everything is pretty empty as this point. No journaling, no embellishments, no cutting. This is just a rough framework for me to start working with. I can also make sure that the colours coordinate and balance with each other :)

Kit Love 3

Third: Start journaling! I used some of the clouds to journal on so that they show up against the pattern paper.

Kit Love 4

Having everything laid down for me allows me to start putting things together quickly. Sometimes I start the journaling and assembly with the photo and journal cards in the middle and things wouldn't go out of order for me since everything is there already.

Kit Love 5

Hope this gives you a rough idea as to how I make pocket life work with me and how I put my pages together!

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