Monday, July 28, 2014

I Capture Photography

Each month we are going to share a fun photography tip or technique.  And then once we show you we would LOVE to see you do the same with your photos.  You can link us up in the comments. 

For this month I (Angie) want to share a fun tip on getting a photo.....Near and Far!  This can really be fun because not only are you seeing the BIG picture but you are also seeing the small details in the picture. 

Every year, we have a fun Christmas in July family reunion.  We go all out with presents, a tree, and decorations.  The kids make the decorations so I like to capture the whole tree (Far), but then also their creation on the tree(Near).

And I couldn't resist sharing another example with you.  Each year the kids make a candy Shish Kabob.  They load these with all kinds of yummy gummies.  Again get a fun close up of the candy (Near) and then a picture of the child creating his fun candy treat (Far).


I can't wait to see what you all come up with for your Near and Far photos!  And I hope you enjoyed this fun photography tip!

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  1. Thanks for you nice tips. I will try this for my next pictures.