Monday, July 22, 2013

Simple Strategies

Happy Monday everyone! It's Kasia here and I would like to share with you a simple idea how to use a mask which you get with your July embellishment kit Go Girl!. I know that if you aren't that much into mixed media items like masks can be a bit overwhelming, so today's technique will be simple, easy to achieve with basic supplies and not messy at all! First have a look at finished layout- I made it using the main kit Sail Away and embellishment kit.

Summer Delight CTK July

Before adding paper to the page I covered my craft base with some white acrylic paint. Once the paint dried I added the photograph layered with some patterned paper. I grabbed a ruler and pencil and drew some boxes around the photograph. Than I used the mask as a stencil and drew some of the shapes from it with my pencil directly on the layout.

Summer Delight CTK July det3

Finally I grabbed my set of watercolors and a thin brush, I wet the brush and painted with watercolor inside the pencil lines. Use wet brush and a little bit of paint and add more color as you go. You can also mix colors  when the paint is still went to achieve blended look like you can see below

Summer Delight CTK July det1

I hope you feel inspired by this Simple Strategy! While using the brush and paints with your mask you can work slower and more carefully than with mist so it's a great way to create a bit of artsy touches on your page when you are just starting mixed media adventures. I will share one more secret with you- sometimes the best ''medias'' might be waiting outside your scraproom :) Do you like the look of red, shiny dots on my layout? Well, consider experimenting with some nail polish as a fun experience:)

Summer Delight CTK July det2

Have a lovely, creative week and enjoy playing and pushing the borders with your kits! 


  1. Beautiful page Kasia and great tip too! You're so creative! :)

  2. Beautiful colors and design Kasia!

  3. Oh the colors! Such a beautiful LO.